My Perfect 12 @ College!

Life’s not that easy I know,
Things never go in the way we think so.
But still being a part of all that goes,
Make me feel I’m special and it really shows.
This is because I found my new family,
In my friends whom I met in college, coincidently.
Being far away from family,
You can’t always be happy.
First day in college, Stranger’s I met,
As if all the varieties in a single set.
I chose the friends of mine,
With a logo and a perfect sign.
We were twelve and all of different kinds,
And I name the group” The Perfect 12”.
Initial perfect 12 members are as follows,
And all the heads are shallow.

Shyam- Though the shortest of all,
but the smartest we call.

Rajesh- “The jaan of the group”,
the funniest one in the troop.

Sathish Ramachandran- “The angry young man”,
but always the helping hand.

Rajendra – The one who everyone respects,
play safely and overview all the aspects.

K.sathish – “Ching chong hong”,
he is crazy about this song.

Aparajitha – A perfect combination of “Mature without brain”,
but times spent with her never goes in vain.

Venkatesh- The dashing dude of the class,
“who always secure pass”.

Sujitha – The most friendly and dearest to me,
her possesiveness makes me “tumble and fall”.

J.S – One who was always with me!
His girl name ends with “thee”

Sandy we call programmer!
His Best friend is the queen of grammar!

Prem- The handsome and experienced one!
who creates troubles to none!

Now the branch separates ,
And the members also somehow changes.
This is what Perfect 12 is full of,
And the rest all “Shut Off ”

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