Mahendra singh dhoni – The greatest Captain.

Now Indians have got 2nd god in cricket. One was/is sachin and now dhoni. He has given Indians a wonderful cup with the help of another god and mini gods.It was risk, he took it and he successfully stayed till the end to see India home, final match matters, he’s given a knockout punch.   
Records says so he is best captain and no one can’t deny .He got the world cup for India and that’s the biggest thing to happen for Indian cricket. He dared to take risk and it paid off. Fact just remains that a captain is as good as his team!
Yes dhoni played a gem of an innings in the final when it mattered the most. The team peaked at the right time and that’s what helped.Dhoni played his part and so did the others! Sachin does not have to score a 100 every time he goes in to bat. His presence is big enough a contribution. Same is for dhoni as a leader. Dhoni’s knock is greater than all of tendulkar’s centuries put together. It came in the finals of the world cup, nothing equals the world cup finals.
When it matters, the Captain performs!.Awesome innings!Congrats Dhoni for doing something which Azhar, Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly could never do – Captain a WC winning side. Not Taking anything away from any of the Team Mates. Even the Ones who never stepped on field as Extra Fielders in any of the Following Occasions:
T20 WC in 2008
India’s Rank 1 in Tests
India’s Rank 1 in ODI’s
Chennai Super King’s Success in all IPL’s
CSK IPL Champions 2010
CSK ACL Champions
And Now the ICC ODI World Champions
It cannot be all Luck.ts Not Luck.Dhoni May not be the Text Book Dravid, Fearlessness of Sehwag, Spirit of Gambhir or the Godness of Tendulkar.But He is the Muscle and Brain that Gets the Job Done whenever mattered the mostthe Guy gets very little Credit but Flack from most!!

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