Missing you is the Hardest part

I just don’t know what to say,i don’t know what to do

I feel like an infant child,without any cause or purpose,

I feel so lost, so blue.

I reach out, holding on to nothing but air in my hands,

but still i pretend as if i held you,

I just don’t care now bout anything else in this world because my world my love is you,

as the days appear as mere illusions and the nights pass away taunting,

with every breathe i take,

I feel just like a toy in the hand of inevitable time,every moment i live is fake

Many a times i close my eyes,just to see your smiling face..

The precious streak of hair running down your face,softly hugging your cheeks, i wish i could take its place,

I sometimes foolishly wish that i could grow wings,

so that i could fly off to where you are,

You live on inside my heart, you are never gone,

I sometimes imagine whether my life would have been the same,

i often look up at the lonely sky,in prayer for your early return..

God as it seems to me is tormenting me,testing my will,my faith, my love and concern,

When some day, I’ll go so far away that you wont even remember me in some way,

i just want to take up this opportunity to say,you are and always will be the best thing in my life,

you are my will,my strength,my only reason to survive,

I will always be yours to hold,cherish and to love,

This is a promise i make to you in front of the heaven up above,

I will always be thankful to God for giving you to me,

because when you are with me i am happy,careless and free,

So always remember my love that even though, sometimes,

we may not be together and separated miles apart,

but stay assured that you’ll always be in my heart,

Because loving you might be the easiest thing,but,

Missing You is the hardest part

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