I love Visual Studio Code

I’ve been a .Net developer since the beta days of .Net 3.0, Now i find myself doing less and less coding related with .Net related stuffs. However, the new strategy from Microsoft  encouraged all the developers including me to once again start doing some .Net work from time to time.
One of the highlighting tool among them was the Visual Studio Code.

Sublime text has been my favorite text editor all these time.When i downloaded it and looked at the first time my impression was nothing more than a plain editor with very little added value. Before VS code I have tried all popular editors – Sublime, Atom, Brackets etc. After trying it for few weeks now I feel developers  have everything they need .

Some of the highlights of VS Code are as follows,

  • Default integrated git system is really awesome.
  • Powerful debugging option.
  • Very smart code completion.
  • Huge list of Languages Support
  • Multi panel for side by side editing
  • Always-On IntelliSense
  • Debugging support
  • Peek Information like grammer correction
  • Command Palette

Choice of editor is a personal preference. If you like an lightweight IDE environment that’s cross platform, you might enjoy VS Code. Give it a try, you will definitely love it.

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