A checklist for building Angular web applications in the correct way

Hey guys, There has not been a  proper resource to have a checklist to make sure that applicaiton is flawless.I decided to write a simple tips on checklist items needed before you deploy your app to production.Following are a few Angular Code Review Checklists useful while doing a peer review of Angular code. Make sure to check these when you are building a production ready application

#1 – Code modularity  

Layered Code with good Modularity.

#2 – Component per file 

Each file must not contain more than one Component/Controller, etc.

#3 – Routing

Always configure routing with lazy loading

#4 – Shared resources at centralized location

Store images/language translations under assets

#5 – 3rd Party libraries 

 If you are integrating with any 3rd party libraries make sure to check for Security Flaws

#6 – Data security 

Use  Encryption of Sensitive Data

#7 – Offline data security

Consider security if you are storing Data in localstorage or session storage.

#8 – Cookies data and handwiring of secrets 

 Security Flaws

#9 – Don’t use pipe/functions in the template

Calling function binding in the template will lead to  performance issue

#10 – Change detection + state management & reactive extensions

Use RxJS, NgRx/Store (or Redux)

#11 – Use javascript or typescript

 Stick to ONE & Avoid Hybrid

#12 – Don’t use pipe/functions in the template

 Bundling, Chunking, Treeshaking, Minification, Uglification, Compression

#13 – ECMAscript compatibility – ES7

#14 – Angular Style Guide (Official Reference)

#15 – Async service

 Adequate and Appropriate use of it.

#16 – Hierarchical components,models,interfaces etc

#17 – Constants

No-Scattered Hard-Coded constants data but must be at one place.

#18 – Images,fonts and other static files

Place them in respective directories and not scattered across.

#19 – TSLint.json

To follow Angular Style Guide in order to run SonarQube or Codelyzer. Follow https://github.com/Angular-Projects-V-1-to-X/codelyzer

#20 – Finally to improve performance 

Refer the steps  – https://github.com/mgechev/angular-performance-checklist

Hope it helps all the developers out there.

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