How to restore an Angular application code with dist folder

This is going to be a very small blog post, but indeed it will be helpful for lot of Angular developers out there. One of the recent question i answered on Stack overflow on how to reverse engineer an Angular application.

The question was ” I built an Angular app using ng build. I have the built version but I accidently deleted my code. Is there any way I can get my code back from my build version? “

Even though the correct answer is NO, but you will be able to retrieve 80% of the code with the following steps.

Step 1: Deploy the app code in the Dist folder

Step 2: Use Google Chrome Developer tools (F12).

Step 3: Under debugger tab, look under Webpack -> Src you will see all typescript files. you can copy and past the code provided which would help you to at least build the structure of your application.


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