Productivity Tip : Run Azure Cloud shell, Stackoverflow, Github in Microsoft teams.

One of the cool feature that Microsoft teams provide is that you can load any website as a tab on particular channel. One handy thing i noticed is that if you want to access azure cloud shell in teams you can just add it as a separate tab and manage the resources without navigating to the browser. With simple step you can access your azure portal as a tab in your teams.

Step 1 : Goto your channel on teams and click on + (Add tab)

it will open up a window.

Step 2 : Just type website in the search tab and you should be able to add a new website as a tab.

Step 3: Just add as a website tab and thats it. Now you should be able to execute all the commands without opening up a shell.

You can do the same with most of the frequently accessed websites if you want to demonstrate something while you are on teams. I have done with Stackoverflow and it’s really helfpul while github can be added as a separate tab from the available list.

Try it out today, eventhough it is not helpful as the page refreshes when you move to another tab and come back, but really a good feature to have as a developer. Here is a small gif demonstrating how effectively you can navigate between those tabs.

Microsoft teams is getting better with much features day by day!

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