Azure Charts : The best Azure Resources tool that you love

Technology is moving very fast and it’s hard to keep up, but you always gotta find a way to keep updated! Especially in the cloud’s world it is mandatory to keep your knowledge updated everyday. Every social media is a great place to know about what’s happening around,new innovations and stuff. As there are many services/features been announced every day on Azure, This blog helps you to unleash the power of AzureCharts which is a great resource that help to track Azure updates. AzureCharts is a set of auto-rebuilt charts to keep you updated on Azure changes, news, stats. Public updates, RSS channels and web pages are used as data sources.

Before few weeks I saw a tweet from mark russinovich who is the CTO of Azure definitely somebody that you should follow if you want to learn about Azure.

As you see, he mentioned in the tweet if you want to see exactly what updates were making to Azure services check out this cool site that lets you see all of them as your charts. This site was developed by one of cloud solution architects Alexey Polkovnikov. Azure charts is not a Microsoft service or product, this is just a personal project of him and quite honestly I think this is awesome. He has delivered a great way to consolidate everything going on in all of the different update points of Azure which cover things like RSS feeds the azure updates page news statistic other public updates so this is just an awesome place to come and see exactly what’s going on.

HeatMap View:

It pulls the update from portal and other locations in order to give us many things including a heat map view. Now you have one place to come where you can see everything across all major pillars and services in Azure.This is just absolutely amazing so this heat map view specifically digs into the hottest areas of azure update items.You’ll find those across the top and they are the most highlighted in color and we have many different ways that we can look at and slice this data up. You can also look at this in terms of regions and data centers which features are being deprecated in this retirement section,things security compliance open source and other azure services and individual feature updates.

Addition to that you can look at this based on a specific measure role. For example, if I am an Azure developer then I would care about what’s going on with the SDKs and specific features that are here.


It is very difficult to keep track the SLA of each and every service on Azure. This feature becomes very handly, if we click on this tile it takes us over to the SLA page and you can see the SLA details a and then you can read up about that and the different service levels.


Region look up is a pretty cool feature this is where we can take aparticular geography and again compare it to another region but a little more. specifically, if you want to look at features that are GA in the United States geography regions or what is GA in preview GA preview and future you will just select GA and hit search regions and of all of these services.


Last but not the least, Quize helps you to validate the knowledge on different services with bit of gamification as there are different multiple choice questions.

Thanks Alexey for putting this together and this should be a shout out for everybody to go explore this tool and give your feedback. Definitely this would help in some way.

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