2019 in Review and Happy New Year 2020

My first blog of the new born year 2020 and first of all Happy new year! Wish you all have a great time with your family and friends .

So here i am again just concluded an awesome 2019, and over the last two years I’ve done a “Year in Review” blog post and I want to do another for this year. Some pretty awesome stuff happened to me in the year 2019. 

Summary of the year 2019

  • Recieved Tech Leadership Award at 99X Technology
  • Joined Microsoft’s APAC OCP Team
  • Delivered 20+ Sessions, 5+ Workshops and attended 5 conferences
  • Wrote 20+ blogs on Azure and Angular
  • Contributed to OpenFaaS
  • Attended First ever Microsoft Ready, Google IO, Google Developer Expert Summit
  • Completed 3 Microsoft Certifications and Became a Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Achieved 150,000 Reputation on Stackoverflow
  • Reviewed a book on Angular named “Angular Projects”
  • Created tool named Azure 360 to support new beginners on Azure


I started off 2019 continuing as a Senior Tech Lead at 99X technology and in January i recieved the “Technology Leadership award” and it was a proud moment in my career. However in March I made the switch to join the Microsoft APAC One Commercial Partner team as a Technology Evangelist . It was one of the best career decision i’ve made as it is a totally different role from what i’ve been doing earlier. Within 10 months at Microsoft, I managed to complete 3 certifications including Microsoft Azure Solution Architect, Microsoft Azure Developer Associate and Microsoft Certified Trainer respectively. I love how I‘m constantly challenged, knowing I have full support of my manager and my team at this role.


Last year i migrated my blog from blogspot to wordpress and since then i have been actively writing new posts on Angular and Azure atleast once a month, this year it’s around about the 50 mark. I have got totally 15000 views in this year and around 50 new followers which is a great thing which eventually made my blog as one of the top Azure site to follow in 2020.

Sessions,Workshops and conferences

2019 has been the best year for me in terms of speaking opportunities and attending conferences. I almost visited 7 different countries in 2019 while i attended my first ever Microsoft Ready in July, Google IO in May and Google Developer Expert Summit in October. Apart from that i have spoken at 20+ meetups on various topics, 4 conferences including Google DevFest and Azure bootcamp in India,Nepal and Pakistan. Also visited to Nepal,Indonesia to conduct workshops, Trainings on Azure. One of the highight in 2019 was that as a organizer i managed to organize the first ever Angular conference in Srilanka with over 400+ participants.

Publications,Stackoverflow and Github Contributions

Last year i managed to work on 2 books on Angular as a technical reviewer namely Angular 8 and Angular Projects which eventually became the best selling book on Packt.com. Also i managed to make it to the top 420 users in the world on stackoverflow as well as reached 150k reputation. Also published around 25+ code samples on Github during 2019.

Year 2019 in one Tweet

I couldn’t be more excited about 2020! Happy New Year!


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