How to resolve : Cosmos DB x-ms-partitionkey Error

One of the most repeated question that i came across on stackoverflow on the tag #Cosmosdb is that how to resolve the error “The partition key supplied in x-ms-partitionkey header has fewer components than defined in the the collection”

This error could occur when you are attempting to get a Document from Cosmosdb using the REST API or using SDK. If you are using using a partitioned Collection and therefore you need to add the “x-ms-documentdb-partitionkey” header. Even after adding the header if you get the error you can fix it by the following methods,

Partition key must be specified as an array (with a single element). For example:

in C#

  requestMessage.Headers.Add("x-ms-documentdb-partitionkey", " [ \"" + partitionKey + "\" ] ");

In Javascript

headers['x-ms-documentdb-partitionkey'] = JSON.stringify([pkey]);

Partition key for a partitioned collection is actually the path to a property in Cosmosdb. Thus you would need to specify it in the following format:/{path to property name} e.g. /abc

Hope this helps someone out there who is struggling to fix this issue!


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