BOOK GIVEAWAY: Win a free copy of “Cloud Scale Analytics with Azure Data Services “

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Azure Data Lake is a big data solution which allows organizations to ingest multiple data sets covering structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data into an infinitely scalable data lake enabling storage, processing, and analytics. It enables users to build their own customized analytical platform to fit any analytical requirements in terms of volume, speed, and quality.

Cloud Scale Analytics with Azure Data Services: Build modern data warehouses on Microsoft Azure

In the context of above, the book “Cloud Scale Analytics with Azure Data Services” book is your guide to learning all the features and capabilities of Azure data services for storing, processing, and analyzing data (structured, unstructured, and semi-structured) of any size. You will explore key techniques for ingesting and storing data and perform batch, streaming, and interactive analytics

The book also shows you how to overcome various challenges and complexities relating to productivity and scaling. Next, you will be able to develop and run massive data workloads to perform different actions. Using a cloud based big data-modern data warehouse–analytics setup, you will also be able to build secure, scalable data estates for enterprises. Finally, you will not only learn how to develop a data warehouse but also understand how to create enterprise-grade security and auditing big data programs.

By the end of this Azure book, you will have learned how to develop a powerful and efficient analytical platform to meet enterprise needs.


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