My experience at Microsoft OpenHack DevOps – Singapore

This week I participated my first ever OpenHack on DevOps organized by Microsoft in Singapore. It was a three day event from 26th-29th November 2019. The hackathon was focused on Azure DevOps and Azure Kubernetes services. There were participants from all over the world gathered at one place.

There were over 90+ Participants comprised of internal employees as well as customers. Participants were divided into 6 members per team with one coach. The content was set as 8 challenges. Coach from each team was some Cloud Solution Architect from Microsoft who was helping and guiding the team during the challenges with some hints to solve it. One of the cool thing of the hack was that each team could apply their own solutions in unique ways. We as a team were supposed to find our way out to solve the challenges. There was no one way, we were free to take our decisions and paths as deemed fit. If you are wondering about the agenda and what happened in the hack, here you go.

My Team RockStars – Announced as Happiest team among all

What I really liked about the openhack was that each team member was really able to understand what’s the challenge and was able to get the team’s support whenever they’re stuck. Before we start each challenge, one member from the team was assigned as a Scrum Master and he has to drive the entire team to complete the challgne. In each challenge, one has to elloborate the feature of whatever the tools/technologies that we would use in the challenge. There was whiteboarding session included in each challenge before we get in to try to solve the challenge. It was a hands-on rather than attending any tech talk about a specific topic. The tasks were set, challenges were well organized, the environment was prepared, code was almost prepared (with some changes) so that we can focus on learning how we can use Azure DevOps as a tool to ensure zero down-time for production ready application. Kubernetes was chosen as an orchestration framework. Azure monitor was used as the Monitoring service.

Microsoft OpenHack is a developer focused event where a wide variety of participants (Open) learn through hands-on experimentation (Hack) using challenges based on real world customer engagements designed to mimic the developer journey.

For every challenge the links to documentation and resources were provided to understand relevant topics and areas at hand. Besides the actual work, it was a great opportunity to network and discuss broader topics with fellow team members and other participants. It was not just about solving challenges, but each one was appreciating others work whenever we accompolished something. we were given with some cool swags including stickers,notebook wireless charger and Azure Devops badge.

There was not a real winner(team) out of this openhack, all the teams who participated thoroughly enjoyed and it was about sharing and solving real issues.Overall, I think it was a great learning experience for all the participants with great focus on getting things done. I will definitely keep an eye on such events in the future and try to join as a Devops coach for the upcoming events. More than the hackathon it was not just about technology but about teamwork. If you want to have the same experience try to join any of the OpenHacks from here.

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