Azure Tip : Enable Debug Mode on Azure Portal

I was checking out this cool feature on the Azure Portal Today. I usually spent 3 hours per week on evaluating the new features or building something new on Azure. Azure Portal is for a lot of developers is the go-to place to manage all their Azure resources and services. Most often i hear from the developers is that Portal takes much time to load when you login and sometimes we feel that portal is slow. Today i figured out a way to debug the portal loading time. If you are developer who considers Azure Portal as your website and want to know about the duration for each view of the page, while you are logged in into the Azure Portal and press the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + D you can see the load time and other useful information for every title.

Azure Portal Load Time

You can simply enable/disable certain features on the portal by toggling the Experiments. You can also enable Debug Hub to see if there are any exceptions/issues while loading the portal related elements.

Enable/Disable certain features

One other tip i would like to highlight here is that keyboard shortcuts that you can use specifically for the Azure portal.

To see them all, you can open the Keyboard shortcut help item in the Help Menu on the top-right of the Portal.

Shortcut keys

Hope it helps you to figure out if there is a slowness while loading the Azure Portal. If you are new to Azure and want to get start on Azure, explore my tool Azure360. Share this tip with your colleagues.

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